m u s i c . s e s s i o n

Music Session is a collaborative project associated with MUNI TV / STUDEX / RADIO R that focuses on audio-visual live streaming of musical performances. The project is genre agnostic, serving as a platform capable of accomodating a broad range of artists. Both the streams and archives can be found here.


I work together with Filip Johánek as a live sound engineer. We take care of everything sound-related (ranging from obtaining the neccessary equipment, setting up the studio and session, live mixing, to an occasional post-production).

All of our mixes are done with PreSonus equipment. Our main mix is PreSonus StudioLive 32SX, while StudioLive 16 is used either for minimal setups, or as a secondary mix used for taking care of AUX outputs (with gain compesation). Our setup always uses at least one PreSonus NSB 16.8 StageBox. Depending on artists' monitoring preferences, we offer a choice between headphones (either using PreSonus EarMix 16M or just AUX outs), or stage monitors (PreSonus AIR10). We also use PreSonus Universal Control (on a tablet) and Capture (on a PC) software. The microphone types that we work with are: Shure Beta 91A, Beta 57A and SM57; AKG D112 and C214; Sennheiser E906, E614 and E604; Rode Procaster and NTG2. For monitoring we use Genelec 8040B.